Awarded Portrait of Britain 2018 by the British Journal of Photography and, nominated as one of the 100 Heroines in Photography by the Royal Photographic Society. British photographer Maryam Wahid (b. 1995) photographs her identity as a South Asian Muslim. Her profound interest in multiculturalism allows her to display concepts of cultural diversity and attempts to challenge common misconceptions of Islam through the art of her work. Maryam expresses the origins of the Pakistani community in Birmingham by exploring her deeply rooted family history and the mass integration of migrants within the United Kingdom. Her academic background in Art, Photography and Religious Studies alongside her fascination in cultural cognition and religious ideologies have progressively influenced her work. She intends to continue expressing her religious and cultural identity by challenging recurring stereotypes.


BA - (Hons) in Photography, Birmingham City University, 2018.

Grants & Awards

British Council & Arts Council England: Transforming Narratives- research and development in Birmingham and Pakistan, 2019

RBSA & Argentea Gallery: Photographic Prize, 2019.

Royal Photographic Society: Nominated 100 Heroines of Photography, 2018.

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